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Buying Wholesale Guide

We have established the brand for ten years, mainly to bring trendy jewelry to the international jewelry market in the form of wholesale, low-cost, and high-quality, so that the Ringsmaker brand can gain a good international influence. In recent years, we have not only stood out in the entire international jewelry market with high-quality products and the lowest prices, but also gained a large number of loyal retail partners. At the same time, in January 2023, we optimized the supply chain model, improved and Simplified a series of delivery processes, shortening the entire transportation link by 6 days, which means that retailers can receive wholesale jewelry goods within 5-15 days from the moment they place an order
This guide will give you a very clear idea of how to wholesale jewelry at Ringsmaker and how wholesale jewelry can benefit your retail business.

Why do we choose wholesale?

  • Definition and Benefits of Wholesale
    Wholesale jewelry refers to the purchase behavior of a large number of styles and models. Those who are engaged in the jewelry industry know that the purchase price of jewelry in a single piece is relatively high. Therefore, for jewelry retailers, it is necessary to find a high-quality and Cheap supply chain to make your business profitable, then the benefits of wholesale jewelry are obvious _______ low cost, profitable price, which not only reduces procurement costs, but also reduces logistics times (costs), avoiding The work pressure and time cost caused by docking with multiple jewelry merchants in time.
  • Advantages of our wholesale service
    Ringsmaker is a comprehensive jewelry manufacturer, all of our jewelry is factory direct selling jewelry, which means that the jewelry we produce is produced from the source of the factory, so we can wholesale the same type of jewelry at a very low price, because we have Our own raw materials, our own equipment, our own production line and a series of large-scale facilities have reduced the huge cost loss, so the price of the jewelry you wholesale in ringsmaker is definitely the lowest in the same category in the market, which is one of our advantages. Our second strength lies in the type and quality of jewelry we offer, ten years! Ten years of hard work has made our craftsmanship and respect for the market higher and higher. Jewelry produced by Ringsmaker will go through internationally recognized testing (CTT, ROHS) and issue a test report. At the same time, Ringsmaker is also a gold supplier of Alibaba. Winning this honor is enough to prove the efforts of the past ten years and the recognition and evaluation of customers. The third advantage of Ringsmaker lies in its high-quality after-sales service. We have a strong and professional after-sales department with barrier-free communication. Ringsmaker will take responsibility for customers in every order and minimize the risk for retailers.
    The fourth advantage is that we not only provide wholesale jewelry, we also provide wholesale customized jewelry and jewelry dropshipping.

Types of jewelry we offer

  • Lab Diamonds and Gemstones
    We provide large quantities of zircon, colored gemstones and moissanite. These stones are produced by ringsmaker and have issued internationally recognized test certificates. For business inquiries about diamonds and gemstones, please email to or click on the bottom left of the website Corner WhatsApp to communicate with our salesman.
  • K gold, silver, tungsten, titanium, copper, ceramics, stainless steel and other metals
    We basically have the most comprehensive jewelry materials in the jewelry market, K gold, gold-plated jewelry, sterling silver, 925 silver, tungsten, tungsten carbide, titanium, copper, ceramics and stainless steel, and these materials are still increasing, for each We will use different production processes for one material to meet the highest specifications of customer orders and products.
  • Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.
    Each quarter of each year, ringsmaker will issue a blog guide for jewelry types combined with market data, in order to let retailers know the latest jewelry trends and industry information.
    We provide basic jewelry categories, such as: rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. There are styles for men and women

How to start your jewelry wholesale?

1. Create your account, it's fast and free, and it's your first step to start wholesale jewelry.
2. Know our minimum order quantity and price structure, our wholesale service minimum order quantity is 3 pieces.
3. Ringsmaker has more than 2000 pieces of jewelry in stock, these need not wait for timely shipment. All you have to do is visit the wholesale catalog and filter by categories and styles like your pick.
4. Understand our ordering and payment process, we have more than forty payment channels.
5. Shipping and Shipping Information


  • Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, our services are global, no matter where your business is, we can support you.

  • Are there customs fees?

Some customs fees will exist, for those countries with strict customs inspection, but generally ringsmakers use a very low declared value to save your expenses.

  • Do you offer free shipping?

Of course, orders over $100 get free worldwide shipping.

  • What's the delivery time?

It depends on the geographical location of the delivery, but generally it will not exceed 15 working days.

  • How do I track my order?

Click Track my order and enter your tracking number to check.

At last

Ringsmaker encourages new wholesale customers to join us. We usually send samples to clear up doubts. At the same time, we also respect and protect your privacy. Enjoy low-priced jewelry and high-end services. Join now!

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