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Custom Jewelry

Which customization service can we provide ?




-Customizing based on our current styles.

You may find something attractive in our store ,but you want to make it uniquely or more closed to your store style. Here are some option for you customize.


1. Customizing width.

- Now our common width of rings are 2mm/4mm/6mm/8mm, you can choose to customize other widths like 5mm,7mm,9mm or bigger width.


2. Customizing Size.

-We now only make half sizes, if you need higher accuracy sizes, you can choose 0.25 as size unit, like size 6.25 or size 6.75. Or make bigger or smaller sizes like size 16,17.


3. Customizing Patterns or Logos.

- For mass production, we support more colors and more complicated  working art for logo customization, which means you can create more special rings .


4. Customizing Ring Colors

We have many basic styles , you can design different colors to distinguish from other sellers. Various color can be achieved by electroplating.


5. Customizing Ring Material

For a same style ,price can be a huge difference made from different materials. Tungsten material can be double higher than titanium,which is the same for 925 silver and copper. Rings look the same from the appearance, so you can choose ring material to decide the cost .


6. Customizing Diamond Size and Material

-For diamond size, 1ct,2ct ,3ct are quite common,you can also customize other smaller or bigger size like 0.5ct, 4ct.

For diamond material ,you can choose cubic zircon, moissanite or other cheaper or more expensive ones to replace.


7.Customizing Packages.

-Package is also very important. We support to customize jewelry boxes of  different materials, like paper ,wood or plastic, rubber. You can also make it any shape. Plus your own brand name or logo, it can be very particular.


-Creating a New Ring

Have you ever thought about producing your own design?Opening a new mould, and start from a sample.You can achieve a full series of your design and finish here in Somen rings-maker with a cheap price.

If you are interested and would like to know more details, please contact with

-About Laser Engraving 

Laser engraving provides the solution to customize all kinds of rings. You can engrave both inside and outside of the rings.

Each ring can be personalized with different engraving text, patterns or symbols. We have professional engraving machines and experienced employee to work on it. 

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