Three-piece minimum order
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Ringsmaker Jewelry Dropshipping Policy

1.Jewelry Dropshipping Service At Ringsmaker

1. Directly from factory - Profitable Price

2. Real Time Inventory

3. All Jewelry Comes With Quality Certificates

4. Ship worldwide

5. Shopify Product Import

6. Custom Jewelry Supported

2.How it works

1. You Upload Products

2. You Get Order

3. You Place Order At Ringsmaker

4. We Ship Order To Your Customer

3.Join For Free

1. Create an account on

2. Change your account type to Dropshipping

4.Get Support

1. If you have any question, you can get quick support from email, online chat or Whatsapp group

2. Ringsmaker WhatsApp

5. FAQ
1. How to find the catalog for dropshipping ?

You can choose any item in any category on our website to drop ship, however, as the items in the dropshipping category show the up-to-date stock information, we recommend starting dropshipping with those products.

2. Where is the package from ?

Our warehouse is located in Guangzhou, China. The shipping address is in Guangzhou, China.

3. How to Download Images Of The Items ?

Please send us the SKU of the product you need to download the image and we will send you the image as a zip file.

4. How To Import Products Into My Store?

Once you have received or downloaded our product catalogs (in csv format), you can upload these csv files on the shopify product page to import them directly.

5. How long does it take for a merchant to place an order to reach the customer?

Please refer to our shipping policy.

6. Do you do custom engraving?

Of course, for more information about our services, please refer to our custom services.

7. Can you do my brand logo on the gift box?

Of course, when you purchase our gift boxes or jewelry boxes, please just make a note of your logo or brand name on the order.

7. What is your minimum order quantity? ?

Ringsmaker has a minimum order of 3 pieces and free shipping on orders over 100$.

8. Do you offer discounts ?

Yes, we do! We offer discounts on wholesale orders. You can qualify for deep discounts with higher volume purchases. Contact a sales rep for more details.

9. Do you guarantee your products ?

All Ringsmaker products go through rigorous quality inspections, and Ringsmaker promises a no-questions-asked refund within 30 days.

10. What kind of jewelry do you sell ?

We usually sell 925 sterling silver rings, pendants, and earrings, as well as tungsten rings, copper rings, titanium rings, and stainless steel rings.

11. Will you process the order on holiday ?


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