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ringsmaker 925 rings assembling


Carefully examine the quality and integrity of the ring setting. Ensure there are no noticeable defects, scratches, or deformations. Use silver solder to join the two ends of the ring setting together. Ensure a strong bond without visible gaps.

Set gemstones or decorations

Based on the design requirements, create appropriate settings or positions on the ring setting for gemstones or decorations. Carefully place the gemstones or decorations into the settings or positions and secure them onto the setting using tweezers or other tools.

Ringsmaker Rings Assembling

Ringsmaker Rings Stone Assembling

The tools used by Ringsmaker

The tools used by Ringsmaker do not damage the jewelry itself. The pliers and tweezers that come in contact with the stones and rings are protected by a rubber covering on the sharp end.

Grind and Polish

Use fine files to smooth the edges of the soldered area, making it flush with the surface of the ring setting. Then, use polishing tools or sandpaper to polish the entire ring setting, making it smooth and glossy.

Ringsmaker Rings Polishing

ringsmaker 925 rings polishing

Final Polishing and Cleaning

Perform a final polishing and cleaning on the entire ring. Use a polishing cloth or polishing tool to make the surface of the ring smooth and glossy. Ensure all remaining dust, grease, or fingerprints are removed.

Quality and Detail Inspection

Thoroughly inspect every detail of the ring to ensure there are no noticeable defects or errors. Verify that the gemstones or decorations are securely set in the ring and that the overall appearance meets expectations.

Rings Quality and detail inspection

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