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Browse The Core Elements Of Factory Direct Jewelry

Factory direct selling of jewelry is a huge concept. In some relatively large jewelry manufacturers, they have very strict order procedures for this service. Firstly, considering the different needs of each order, secondly, to provide better service to customers. Starting from 2022, the order volume of Ringsmaker's factory direct jewelry will increase. In order to connect with every customer, we arrange one-on-one service with salesmen, because the order content involves many details, not to mention we need to meet The different needs of customers, and because of the diversification of needs and the surge in the number of orders, Ringsmaker's business capabilities are getting stronger and stronger, and the customers it has are becoming more and more sticky. This is the best affirmation for us.
factory direct jewelry transactions cases
When it comes to large orders, customers will have some doubts. This guide summarizes the three most important points in factory direct selling jewelry for you, and will also help you how to choose a qualified jewelry manufacturer.

1. Carefully read the factory direct jewelry return policy
When starting your first order, please be sure to carefully review the return policy of the manufacturer, and even some small manufacturers will agree to verbal return policies, which is very risky and may lead to fraud order or unscrupulous after-sales service, so when you choose a jewelry manufacturer, please check their basic information first, verify their authenticity, try to communicate with their salesperson, and then go to Preview their jewelry catalog, check the return policy before placing an order, and contact the manufacturer's salesperson if you have any doubts about it. This is the safest method, which can protect your property safety to the greatest extent and avoid being cheated.

2. Factory direct jewelry is a legitimate option in the jewelry industry
This is a question that is often asked in Ringsmaker. Of course, it is legal. Manufacturers use their own cost advantages to develop customers, bypass middlemen and directly cooperate with buyers. This is what customers want to see, and it is extremely important for them. To a large extent, the price difference between wholesalers and retailers is avoided, not to mention that the current manufacturers are doing after-sales and delivery services against those leading brand retailers in the industry, which makes more and more More buyers choose factory direct jewelry.
And ringsmaker's current mature business brings customers relevant after-sales services that are also very comprehensive. We have produced product catalogs of different materials for customers' orders. In terms of prices, you can directly log in to the website to check or send emails to us, and we will bring you The product catalog with the price will be sent to you. In addition, recently we have received many inquiries from e-commerce buyers. They want to purchase some products from ringsmaker and sell them on their own website. Of course, this is also possible. After that The sales price of Dropshipping is also completely set by the customer. In order to facilitate the customer's delivery and purchase, we have created a Dropshipping service page, which optimizes the traditional order process in terms of time, cost, and budget. After you place an order, we will give you a compressed file of the product, which can be directly uploaded and synchronized to your website, which is very convenient.

3. Decoding Factory Direct Jewelry Order Status
Ringsmaker's orders are divided into four states, which are "processing", "shipped", "pending delivery" and "delivered". After you pay for the order, we will quickly process your order requirements, including engraving Logo, color style, customized jewelry, etc., after quality inspection and order matching, we will pack and ship the order, and your order will show that it has been shipped, and we will notify you by email with the tracking of the order No., then you can enter the tracking number in the "track my order" at the footer of to check the progress of your order. When you receive your package, the order will be in the status of delivery, and you need to check Whether the product is in good condition, whether there are quality problems or other defects, if there is no feedback or no feedback after receiving the package, your order will automatically enter the delivered state. Regardless of the order status, the salesman will solve your problem. Each manufacturer may have a different definition of order status, which needs to be carefully identified and inquired about.
factory direct jewelry order status
The above are the three points that most customers are most worried about when choosing factory direct jewelry. Only when manufacturers are responsible for customer experience and continuously improve their production technology and after-sales service can new customers become repeat customers, and repeat customers recommend more new products. Customers, factory jewelry direct sales will become the best purchase choice to get rid of middlemen and retailers in the next three to five years. The cheap price, the quality that has passed the international inspection, and the continuously improving service range and quality are destined for the entire jewelry market. What will happen is not because of the existence of manufacturers, but because of today's information explosion, the result of customers' selection of good and bad.

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