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2023 Factory Direct Jewelry Recommendation Guide

The global jewelry market in 2023 is changing rapidly. Why? Because jewelry itself is made of precious metals, and precious metals like gold, silver and platinum have international monetary properties, so if you are planning to enter the jewelry market, what should you focus on? What are you going to choose? This blog Mike takes you on a journey to discover how to avoid most of your risks in the jewelry market in 2023 with Factory Direct Jewelry.

Factory direct jewelry refers to jewelry products offered directly by jewelry suppliers, jewelry factories, jewelry manufacturers, etc. As a buyer or wholesaler you can choose this route to buy jewelry directly, the advantages of doing so are:
1. greatly reduce the cost of procurement, buyers (purchasers) eliminated the wholesaler and purchaser this gully, directly from the source to buy products, and manufacturers, factories are usually sold at very low prices of these jewelry, thus significantly reducing the cost of purchase and procurement, basically the majority of sellers and small businesses will choose to find factory direct jewelry to open their own jewelry business, but need to It is important to note that factory direct jewelry generally has a relatively high minimum order quantity.
2.The quality can be well controlled, as buyers can communicate directly with the factory face to face to better achieve their orders quality control.
3. Transparency and authenticity can be publicized. Jewelry manufacturers with larger production volume and scale will generally publicize jewelry materials and test reports on their websites or in the news, and some will have their own Youtube channels to update and show their factory production videos, so every link and production details can be seen by buyers, which is very helpful for buyers to make wise choices and judgments.
4. Customized jewelry, as we call it, can be produced according to the buyer's ideas. Ringsmaker, for example, offers this service because the factory has more flexibility in production and has a lot of room for creativity and manufacturing, including laser engraving, plating, frosting, and various colors of stones, all of which can be produced according to the buyer's needs.
Factory Direct Jewelry
Since the center of this discussion is the factory direct sales guide, I also bring you the top jewelry trends for the next 8 to 12 months in 2023. mike explored the search and transaction data of jewelry on Amazon, ebay, etsy and other large e-commerce platforms this year and found that 925 sterling silver rings have been the hottest and best selling, followed by 14K gold-plated necklaces, tungsten rings, stainless steel jewelry. The lower sales volume but continued stability of the heat is gold jewelry and platinum jewelry, because the former several types of jewelry prices are generally very low, belong to the affordable jewelry, the latter with currency properties, expensive and with the international currency increases, the price is unstable. The jewelry that blew down this year is the diamond ring (natural diamonds), because the diamond market has taken a big dive, the price has dropped one after another, and the overall comprehensive sales of diamond rings have been very sluggish. I think diamonds are becoming less and less competitive, one does not have monetary properties, the second is very expensive, the third point, the refractive index of man-made diamonds and the appearance of basically no difference with natural diamonds, which is one of the main reasons for the big jump in sales and prices of diamond jewelry.
AMZ Eamti rings

AMZ Tungsten rings
Therefore, 2023 to enter the natural diamond jewelry market is not an ideal choice, you can pick some high sales, more styles, and good heat to join the category. Of course, you can also choose the customizable type of jewelry, but only if there is a stable cooperation and support jewelry custom jewelry manufacturers, 2023 custom jewelry is also a category of heat and sales continue to rise.

Next mike leads you to explore the purchase process of factory direct jewelry:
1. Choose a reputable manufacturer
2. Choose jewelry style
3. Determine product details
4. verify certification and quality assurance
5. Understand the terms of purchase and warranty policy
6. Place your order and pay
7. Track and receive orders
8. Review and maintain jewelry
PS: Each jewelry manufacturer may have a different buying process, please make sure to communicate directly with the manufacturer to understand and follow that manufacturer's buying process.
Each of the above mentioned links is crucial and requires buyers to carefully screen them, and for larger orders it is important to communicate each link clearly and follow up with the manufacturer on order progress in a timely manner.

In the era of rapid development of logistics, 2023 to carry out jewelry business choose jewelry factory direct sales is undoubtedly the best choice, from the root to solve the cost of jewelry, style, quality problems, two points of communication, far more than the traditional jewelry market model favored by buyers, so in the new jewelry market opportunity to come, be sure to seize this opportunity to open your jewelry business empire it!

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